Fleet & Family Support Center

Welcome to the Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC). Through our free workshops, services, and classes, our dedicated staff can help enhance the quality of life for all military members - active duty, reservists, and retirees - and their families

The FFSC is proud to support the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast Navy by providing programs, counseling and training, when and where you need it.

The Center offers help and support by providing information and referral, crisis and short-term counseling, financial counseling, job search skills, resume writing training, and many other workshops. We will be happy to assist with all phases of the deployment cycle and provide command representatives as liaisons, Ombudsman support and relocation assistance. We have trained personnel to assist with sexual assault issues, suicide prevention and intervention training along with child and domestic abuse issues. Let us be your first stop with any questions.

We also provide these services:

  • Clinical Counseling
  • Family Advocacy
  • New Parent Support
  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
  • Spouse Employment
  • Transition Assistance

We maintain an outreach office in Pascagoula, MS at SUPSHIP (228-935-3583) and at Stennis Space Center in Hancock County (228-813-4129).

FFSC Job Board

Fleet and Family Support Center is the first point of contact for military families when seeking employment. We maintain a list of some of the best jobs available worldwide. Fleet and Family Support is the place to get assistance about transitioning from the Navy, moving to another duty station and ways to become that "Million Dollar Sailor"

Please visit our links in the menus for more information, drop by our office, or call if you need additional information or assistance.

Navy Family Information

We can provide you with information on how to obtain ID cards, pay information, medical/dental care, and other family benefits. Fleet and Family Support Center has a staff of Case Managers that were hired to assist Navy Families after the hurricanes of 2005. Due to the ongoing success of the program the case managers job has gone beyond hurricane recovery and they are able to provide resource and referral support on issues that are not storm related with great success. They work with any member of the Military Family.

Family Benefits: Personnel or families with questions about family benefits can contact FFSC for information and referral. The New Navy Spouse class is offered quarterly at FFSC. New spouses are encouraged to visit FFSC for an overview of the class and referral to the class.

Naval Branch Health Clinic:  FFSC refers personnel and families to medical and dental type services.

Pay & ID Cards: Personnel and family members with pay or I.D. card questions are referred to the appropriate Disbursing Office, Personnel Support Detachment, or Homeport Liaison Chief. Homeport Family Readiness Officer is located in FFSC.