The Navy’s home for positive recreational options targeted at 18-25-year-old single or unaccompanied service members and geo-bachelors.

Explore your local area…day trips and outings within the local commuting area allow Sailors to get to know their local sights, sounds and flavors.  Some Liberty programs also offer occasional overnight trips to farther destinations.

Build your skills…Liberty offers Sailors the chance to try out and learn new leisure activities and skills—pursuits they will continue to enjoy for years to come such as guitar lessons, painting workshops, cooking corner, and DIY sessions.  Join us for different Sailor Adventure Quest activities and learn something new.

Enjoy some entertainment…whether it’s arranging an outing to a local sporting event or concert, or providing movies, video games, TV and more, at the local Liberty Center, we give Sailors what they want.

Stay connected…the Liberty Center is the communication hub for single Sailors, providing recreational-usage computers with internet and Wi-Fi services that help Sailors stay connected with their friends and family around the globe.

Have some fun…there’s no excuse for being bored with Liberty around.  We’ve always got something fun to do for our hard working single Sailors—that’s why we’re here!

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